Crockpot Turkey Breast

It is spring here, yet it feels like winter still.  I needed to sit a bright table to cheer us all up. I love having the whole family sitting around the table.  As the boys get older we have to make sure we all still find this special time.


I was craving turkey last Saturday so I decided to buy a turkey breast and put it in the crock pot all day.  Turkey is such a healthy meal and very easy to make this way that I should be cooking it more often.  It should not just be saved for the holidays.  I thought the leftovers would be great for sandwiches but it was almost all gone after dinner.  We all loved it.

Crock-pot Turkey Breast

1 4-6 lb. turkey breast (I only had a four lb. turkey but wish I would have had a 6 lb.)

1 large onion sliced into three thick slices

1 24-32 oz of low sodium chicken stock (preferably organic or all natural)

Himalayan Pink Salt


Garlic powder or any seasonings you prefer

Extra virgin olive oil

1)Wash and dry the turkey breast


2)Lay the three slices of onions on the bottom of the crock-pot to raise the turkey off of the bottom.


3)Rub entire turkey breast with olive oil and season with pink salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Place turkey breast on top of onion slices. Pour broth to bottom of the crock pot without washing away the seasonings. Cover and cook on low for 8 to 10 hours.

4)Slice or shred for sandwiches.


Turkey is not the prettiest food in the world so I served it with a lot of colorful sides.


I served it with fresh cut sweet potato fries, roasted asparagus, and fresh fruit.







Hopefully crock-pot season is done here and grilling season is starting now.

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