Grocery Store Tours

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Be a fearless food shopper! Learn how to read labels, discover new eats, and find healthy alternatives to your favorite sinful snacks.”] SERVICES PAGE - GROCERY[/zl_mate_code][/su_column][su_column size=”2/3″]

Is eating healthy new to you?
Does healthy grocery shopping stress you out?
Do you need to go gluten-free and/or diary-free all of a sudden and not sure where to start?


Join me on a grocery tour and let me walk you through and take the stress out of shopping.  This is an active, hands on, one hour tour in the store in which you can have your grocery questions answered.  You will receive complimentary educational references guide from L.E.A.N. by Drea and a special gift certificate from Elden’s.

Available to use as one of your one on one sessions, individual or as a group (4 max). Watch the event page for group dates.
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